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Want to earn millions? Get your 3D Modelling NFT artwork created by us and start selling your 3D art at the NFT marketplace.


Gaming is a massive market with a volume of over $177 billion. We are a world-class game development agency helping turns ideas into fully playable games as blockchain gaming is the next big thing.


You should not settle for a digital solution that isn’t tuned to your artistic vision. Find the best NFT animation services you need to help you successfully meet your project planning goals.


The NFT based artwork is here to stay, and now, you can be a part of it! Get your crypto avatar designed by us and turn it into NFT artwork for sale.

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How Much Does NFT Design Cost ?

A collection is typically defined as a group of randomly-generated NFTs that range from around 100 to 100,000 items. The cost of creating one can be anywhere from $150 to $10,000, depending on the work that’s involved. In addition to the cost of programming the smart contract, you also have to pay for the design and development of a website.
Sam Smith
Efficient team and they deliver quality work on time
Marie Johnson
Frank 👍🏽 You’re a man! A person guided & updated me in the whole tenure and never left us empty at any stage. Whether it was revisions for UI, or the development phase, I felt zero hassle with him and team.
Evan Martins
Great Design Company easy to talk to will revise and change anything with no argument or questions they are thus far.
The Werk BPO
Professional, Courteous, and Understanding! Being a difficult website to work with, the people at Koretechx were very helpful, especially frank. He was professional, courteous, and understanding. I'm very pleased with the results. Thanks.
Angela Mallon
I absolutely love my new website that koretechx designed for me. Jerry was very responsive and professional. My clients love my website as well. Any issues I had, he fixed that right away! I can’t be even more happier. I already recommended a few clients to him. Thanks Jerry once again.
Dj Evan Halls (Gasparzinho)
Since day 1, Koretechxs' team has been really professional, responsive and friendly. The quality of work is outstanding. I'm really satisfied and would recommend their services to anybody who’s interested.
Raquel Rojo
Very accommodating. I liked working with them because they put me at ease and asked questions and gave positive solutions.
Reggie Luis
We found our partnership with Koretech X to be fantastic!! They have delivered an incredible ecommerce site for us with a vast range of functionality which is exactly what we needed.
GenerationX Media
👍 It was a pleasure to work with Koretechx. From start to finish, they carry out the whole web designing process in a professional way. I must say the team is very creative and bring out new ideas and techniques to the table. Highly recommended.👍
American Blue Care
Decent prices for what I was looking for. Helpful and friendly salespeople who didn't try to pressure me.


Frequently Asked Questions About NFt Design

A non-fungible token is an encrypted smart contract, stored on the blockchain. NFTs are used to verify authenticity or ownership (and history of ownership) of any digital asset but are most commonly used for digital art and graphic design.

NFTs live on a blockchain and can be attached to anything — images, videos, tweets. A unique string of encrypted code signifies an NFT as authentic with a secure record of ownership. Once “minted,” the digital object — often a 3D image or animation — can be stored in an owner’s digital wallet and sold at auctions for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.

Much like traditional works of art, the value of NFTs is derived not only from their artistic merits, but their verifiable proof of origin, Holzapfel told me. There are countless posters and digital photographs of “The Mona Lisa,” but most are worth next to nothing. Leonardo Da Vinci’s old master on permanent display in the Louvre, however, is believed to be worth $850 million.

Enabling you to exceed your sales reach with NFT Crypto Art!

Because we know the art of transforming product vision into digital reality and the skill to offer enhanced digital experiences. If you want to enter the highly lucrative industry in the digital realm, you better know what to do. Start creating non-fungible tokens with us, and witness unimaginable benefits the tokenized collectibles offer!

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