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Ultimate Electronic Solutions (UES), a prominent player in the consumer electronics sector, was struggling to keep up with formidable competitors and evolving customer demands. They faced the dilemma of either adapting to the rapidly changing market trends or sticking with their traditional brand positioning, which was losing relevance with modern audiences.

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Kinetic Solution

In partnership with Koretechx, UES embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation journey. The Kinetic subscription provided a multi-faceted approach that included:

The Results

The collaboration and implementation of the Kinetic solution yielded remarkable results:
Increased Web Traffic: A staggering 400% increase in website sessions, with visitors now spending over 5 minutes per session, compared to a mere 1 minute previously.
Enhanced Brand Recognition: The introduction of a new logo and color palette significantly uplifted UES’s brand image, aligning it with modern consumer expectations.
Improved Customer Acquisition: There was a 110% increase in customer acquisitions through enhanced organic search performance.
Expanded Customer Base: A surge of 50% in new users, broadening UES’s market reach.
Higher Engagement Rates: Reduced website bounce rate and a significant increase in pages viewed per session, indicating higher user engagement.
Increased Session Duration: The average session duration on the website went up by 47.41%.

What Our Clients Say About Kinetic

Hear directly from our satisfied clients and learn how Kinetic by Koretechx Digital has empowered their brands.

Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson
Consulting Services
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"Partnering with Koretechx and utilizing the Kinetic solution has changed the look and feel of our brand. And we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome." - CEO of Ultimate Electronic Solutions.
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson
E-commerce Fashion
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“We've seen a remarkable improvement in customer acquisition and engagement rates. Koretechx's expertise in digital strategy has undoubtedly set a new benchmark for us in the consumer electronics industry." - Marketing Director of Ultimate Electronic Solutions
John Martinez
John Martinez
Tech Start-up
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Their team's dedication and innovative strategies have played a pivotal role in expanding our customer base." - Head of Digital Strategy, Ultimate Electronic Solutions
John Doe
John Doe
E-commerce Fashion
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The increase in web traffic and customer acquisitions has exceeded our expectations." - Chief Technology Officer, Ultimate Electronic Solutions

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