AgLAB Inc.

Koretechx Digital Marketing Case Study: AgLAB Inc.

Project Overview

Industry: Hemp Oil Distillation

Project Highlights


AgLAB Inc., a leader in spectrometry and cannabinoid oil distillation, faced significant challenges in effectively communicating its complex technologies and services to a broader audience. The primary concern was enhancing their online visibility and translating their technical advancements into engaging content for their target market.

Katalyse Solution:

To address these challenges, AgLAB Inc. subscribed to Koretechx’s Katalyse solution. This comprehensive digital marketing package included:

The Results

Engagement Increase: Social media engagement boosted by 40% in the first quarter.
Organic Reach Enhancement: A 50% rise in organic reach across digital platforms.
Brand Visibility Improvement: A 35% increase in inbound inquiries, indicating enhanced brand recognition in the target market.
Informed Marketing Decisions: Regular analytics reports enabled strategic marketing decisions, maximizing ROI.
Overall Positive Impact: Koretechx’s strategies led to a significant improvement in customer engagement and established AgLAB as a thought leader in its industry.

What Our Clients Say About Kinetic

Hear directly from our satisfied clients and learn how Kinetic by Koretechx Digital has empowered their brands.

Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson
Consulting Services
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“The results we got were like, increased engagement and better brand visibility. This not only helped our consumers understand to what our brand stands for, but also helped in bigger and better suppliers for our product line. Koretechx has been an invaluable partner in our digital marketing journey.” - Senior Strategy Manager, AgLAB Inc.
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson
E-commerce Fashion
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Koretechx really changed the game for us. Our social media blew up with more likes and comments than ever before. We're getting a lot more attention now, and they totally get what we're all about." – Marketing Coordinator, AgLAB Inc.
John Martinez
John Martinez
Tech Start-up
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Our website and LinkedIn are buzzing, and we're reaching more people than we ever thought possible. It's incredible to see our hard work in the lab getting so much love online. BI have to say, Koretechx really knows their stuff. – Research Lead, AgLAB Inc.
John Doe
John Doe
E-commerce Fashion
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They made our science-based content super easy for everyone to relate to. We've got more followers and lots more questions about our products, which is awesome. It feels great to see our brand reaching the right people. Honestly, I was super impressed with how Koretechx handled our marketing. – Product Manager, AgLAB Inc.

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